2005 Cristal copyright Belinda Aucott @ Champagne Republic



Belinda Aucott is a qualified Champagne lover who borders on being obsessed. A self-confessed Francophile, she is the current author and illustrator of blog Champagne Republic. Belinda was trained in food and wine at Petaluma Wines as a youngster and has previously worked as Wine Educator for Berringer Blass. During her career she has spent time as a Commis Sommelier working for Marco Pierre White at The Belevdere in London and enjoyed various posts writing for publications including; Men’s Style, National Liquor News, Indesign and GQ. 

Belinda says: “My hangovers are definitely getting worse as I get older. Which is the exact reason I started Champagne Republic. The blog exists as testimony to my effort to just drink high quality Champagne and nothing else.

“It’s exhausting drinking so much Champagne, which is why I try to partially drink all bottles lying down or sitting on the floor.  Champagne Republic to me, the blog and the drawings is all about slowing down. It’s about resting, then sitting up, popping open something exquisite and being amazed by it. It’s all about the feeling of wonder and is a lesson in how to never lose the excitement that fills you the moment before you try something new.


“Champagne Republic  is a wine diary that charts the months and measures them in bottles tasted, glasses sipped and memories consumed. It is about Belinda’s personal effort to take time to smell the roses,” says Belinda Aucott. 

For more information please contact: belindaaucott@gmail.com